The Mochi Cookbook (online)
Welcome to the 'Mochi Cookbook', Inspired from an idea by Daksha who was thinking of compiling a recipe book for the 'next generation' of all the staple foods that we in the family have at home, from the very basics of making simple rotlis to where-ever our imagination takes us.

We all have our favorite dishes but we also have our favourite cooks (usually MUM) but many of us have either moved away, can't cook ourselves or have a partner who just can't get it to taste the same.....

Whatever the reason, you know what this is about:

Verd'hi...... Chev'ti' dhal....... Jinga........

Makes your mouth water....Right!

Now, In order for this to work we need input/recipies from all of you (that can cook), Below this there are some sample recipies to show you the format of how we want and intend to show recipes.

If this works and we get enough content, I will personally finance publishing it and sending all (contributing*) members a copy !

Move over Jamie and Delia, here comes the Mochi Cookbook!

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* Anyone can contribute, even if you cant cook you do eat (this I know for a fact) so just request a recipe for one of you favourite things, that will be deemed a contribution.

To contact us please go via talkhere.

 Khandvi   (Anon)

 Chicken Curry   (Sangeeta)

 Jeera Rice   (Sangeeta)

 Dhokri   (Daksha)

 Thikki Puri   (Daksha)

 Papri No Lot   (Daksha)

 Stawberry Lassi   (Rianna)

 Doodhi Na Muthia   (Bhanumati)

 Stuffed Bhindha   (Bhanumati)

 Seero   (Heena)

 Fried Masala Fish   (Heena)

 Dry Cauliflower Shak   (Heena)

 Keema ni Tiki   (Bhanumati)

 Shallot & Poppyseed Shak   (Bhanumati)

 Khichdi   (Smita)

 Kurdhi   (Smita)

 Bhindi/Okra   (Sejal)